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Moorage rules on Mats Mats Bay are strictly enforced

RCW  9A.52.080

We welcome you as a visitor to our beautiful bay, and are welcome to enjoy your stay for up to five days.  

We are a privately owned bay, unlike most bays in the state, where ownership extends only out to the

low tidelands. We, as waterfront homeowners, own the aquatic lands in the bay, therefore, we have legal

rights to remove boats that remain longer than five days, are a nuisance, “park and leave”, are live-

aboards, or are derelict.

This bay became private many years ago due to oyster cultivation, and the practice continues on to this day.

We, in conjunction with the Sheriff, are working together to keep our bay safe, clean, and beautiful.

Our legal right to remove unwanted vessels will be enforced by the Sheriff.

If a vessel owner receives permission from a waterfront property owner to moor on his property, then the

vessel owner must obtain this permission in writing from the property owner. Further, the vessel owner must

provide proof of insurance (Min $300,000 us$) to the property owner, so that in the event damage is incurred

by such vessel, the damage will be covered by the vessel owner’s insurance.

Anchor at your own risk


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Private Bay

Keep Our Bay Clean