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Submit forms for filing if needed to:

311 Quarry Road Port Ludlow Wa, 98365

or email to:

Waterfront Membership Application

This form (application) is for Mats Mats Bay water front owners and or people that may have Power of Attorney over said water front propteries. 
Use this form to submit your application along with your check for $100.00 (one time initiation fee)
Then year after $20.00 annually  

Associate Member Application

This is for folks that have an interest in preserving the bay. You will receive emails from time to time (not to many) about upcoming events. Also for those people that may be leasing / renting a bouy within Mats Mats Bay area. We would recomend joining. There is no initiation fee. Annual membership is only $10.00 

Anchoring Agreement

For bay owners that are interested in leasing / renting their bouys to vessels. There are 3 pages to this document. The last page is the Permit you grant and have the vessels owner / captain place this in a protected viewable space on the vessel. Expiration date needs to be filled in, Otherwise we will assume expiration one year from commencment date.  

Vessel Removal Power of Attorney (POA)

As some folks tend to be away for the winter, This form filled and submitted back to us via email and or snail mail gives the MMBWOA limited POA to remove derelict  or illegally moored vessels on said private property while you are away. 

Official Complaint Statement

Use this form when you need a vessel removed from  your property by the local Sheriff. Please note: Calling the Sheriff and requesting the vessel be removed for crimanal trespass will not happen without this form. Make sure the form is completed entirely.    

Mooring Info

This document best descibes the types of mooring available and approved by the Wa DNR
Also worth a note. If you are placing a mooring down please make sure the the mooring is placed with-in your property line. You may need the services of a surveyor to perfect the location and please advise the MMBWOA of the placement so we may place the mooring on our map.   


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